The Open Heritage Foundation

The nonprofit Open Heritage Foundation provides a platform for preserving and creating visibility and accessibility to underrepresented cultural heritage on the internet. We collaborate with the communities, cultural organisations, and knowledge institutes advocating for the open movement with inclusive initiatives, campaigns, and programmes.

What We Do

We offer a set of multidisciplinary conduits for the exchange of expertise and experience amongst the community and institutions aiming to encourage debate and reflection on the importance of open movement and its impact on communities and our daily life.


We bring together thousands of people around the globe through online international contests of photography and article writing through open-source platforms. Our campaigns empower the community to bring their culture to life on the internet in open access that can be used and downloaded by anyone. 


We aim to locate, digitize, transcribe and make the work available for the public with open and free licenses. We are dedicated to addressing heritage preservation that is getting lost due to the environment and destruction caused by negligence.

Events and programs

We organize various programs to increase the awareness about for about open access and free licenses. Our events encourage contemporary artists and the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) community to engage in the open dialogue about the challenges and the nuances of copyrights and the utility of the open-source platforms.


Outreach Work

We have had over 43+ programs, events, campaigns, workshops, conferences and outreach activities organized.

Digitization Works

Digitized over 70000 pages from old heritage works in Punjabi and English languages. Integration of Works from our GLAM Partnerships with Cultural Institutions

Capacity Building

Involved 5885+ people in different open knowledge campaigns and we’re successful in the documentation of culture with around 44329+ images and 18626 articles from 23 languages.

Our Partners and Friends