Cultural Documentation

We aim to locate, digitize, transcribe and make the work available to the public with open and free licenses. We are dedicated to addressing heritage preservation that is getting lost due to the environment and destruction caused by negligence. Digital preservation of underrepresented knowledge is the future of documentation of precious, rare knowledge of human civilization. Due to the devastating effects of time, calamity and human negligence, heritage is diminishing and many precious invaluable works have been destroyed during natural and manmade disasters.

The Open Heritage Foundation is engaged with a group of partners to create new collections and tools that help in reconstructing how our heritage and knowledge are disseminated. We as an organization want to make the cultural heritage available in an innovative style, the convergence of digital cultural heritage, innovation, and creativity is needed for culture, society, and users. We believe that cultural heritage needs a digital shift to make it more transparent, collaborative, open, liberal, accessible, innovative, comprehensive, ethical and encourages a mentality of exploration. As Open Heritage we will be sharing insights on data curation, open data and metadata, identifying, accessing, assessing and reusing the collections as data, copyrights, and digitization.

We hope to build a knowledge reservoir about many historical cultures that the world would love to know about. Galleries, Museums, Archives, and Libraries have an excellent source of the rich content of Culture, architecture, and history but few or no such resources are available online.
We aim to use digitalization and campaigns as a tool in today’s efforts towards the conservation, renovation, study and promotion of cultural resources that are on their way to be forgotten over time.

Knowledge Collection


A collection of our digitized works of rare manuscripts, lexicography works, and Punjabi literature novels.


Collection of metadata for important Punjabi works


Collection of sculptures from second century to twentieth century

Heritage GLAM

Documentation of Heritage GLAM project

Authors Metadata

Collection of metadata for renowned Punjabi Authors